instead of blogging =|

So stupid facebook wouldn’t let me post this video because it was a “third-party copy-write infringement.”




All you people on facebook will still get to see it.  Don’t worry.  Tonight, I was going to write a two-part blog. The 1st being about my apartment/roommates and the 2nd being about Uta Hagen and her amazing philosophies on art and life.  “Welp,” neither got done.  I started taking pictures of the apartment… and then I had a brilliant idea.  Just take a short clip of the apartment and put it to music.  Best idea EVER.  So Chris got home and eventually we got everyone (everyone being Chris, Andrew, and myself) in on the imminently infamous debut of “702.”  Here it is. Buckle up.

Academy Award Winner Chris Speed
Nobel Peace Prize Winner – Andrew Keahey
theatrical debut… miles grimes =|

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