Josh Garrels

Original creativity is impossible. It’s impossible because we are products of our culture, which in America, is unfortunately pop culture. I mean, take Pocahontas and Avatar for example; however, I believe that every once in a while, gifted individuals are able to push past this wall of pure creativity-blocking evil, and create something that, at least, maintains the refreshing appearance of uniqueness.

Josh Garrels has a been a constant in this category, at least as I’m calling him to it. His music is different. He is not trying to impress, entice, show off, or conform by being non-conformist, like so many of the modern “indie-folk-rock” groups of today. He isn’t seeking fame and fortune. He’s just trying to create good art. His combinations of melodies, harmonies, choirs, and acoustic instruments (both percussive and melodic) are beautiful. Every track explores a new territory of music, pushing the bounds of both modern and traditional artists and looking for new and fresh ways to communicate age-old truths about redemption and timeless personal love narratives. Okay. Enough. Download his new album. It’s called “Love & War and the Sea in Between” and has 18 songs. … oh, and it’s free.

Click HERE  to download his album.

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