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Azusa Pacific Man Choir of 2008-2009 fame (i'm top left corner with my thumbs up)

The first two weeks of my summer were spent on a tour with Man Choir of Azusa Pacific University fame. The choir has 70 guys enrolled.  Here are two documented days of our tour that I wrote down for you. Why these two? Because they deal with Mormonism. Please read on. VERY fascinating stuff I must say.

Christian Church

Waiting to sing in the Christian Church in Utah

We woke up early. No surprise there. We left for Red Hills Southern Baptist Church in Red Hills, Utah at 9am.  The couple that invited us to the church were graduates of APU. Sweet couple. Well the drive was nice, mainly because I got a bunch of sleep.  It’s hard not to fall asleep to the drone of the highway… oh, and hours of driving. =]  We arrived at 4:30pm pacific time and our performance was at 6:30pm, but in reality by crossing the Arizona/Utah border, we crossed over into mountain time, loosing an hour (AZ doesn’t recognize daylight savings… too bad they’re missin’ out), so it was really 5:30pm. We were way late.  We had an hour to eat, set up the risers and sound system, and get our tuxes on.  Not much time for that, but we got it done just a little past 6:30pm.

This concert was special for a specific reason. Utah is believed to be the Promised Land for the Mormons. Because of the heavy population of the Ladder Day Saints (LDS), these Baptist church members experience a unique type of persecution.  It’s a type of discrimination. Of segregation.  People treat them cruelly and rarely make eye contact with them.  I’m sure the implications of this discrimination are much more far-reaching than you or I can fully realize. I have not yet experienced persecution on any level, so far as I can remember.
Well there wasn’t a whole congregation of people like there was in Arizona, but the few that did show up were full of joy and sincerely thankful for our visit.  They were encouraged that 70 men would come and sing for them. That was an encouraging stop for me. Praise Jesus.

That night we stayed in a Marriott. Again, praise Jesus.


Waking up early again, we were served a complimentary breakfast by the hotel.  The next stop would be a public high school, which ironically enough was 90% Mormon.  Whatever.   It was interesting to see them respond to our songs. Most of our repertoire doesn’t coincide with LDS theology at all, (which I’ll touch on in a sec)…  but the kids were impressed and responded positively, and ultimately, Christ was proclaimed (Philippians 1:15-18).  The choral director even invited us to sing a few songs for his beginning choir.  Awesome. It was an interesting gesture, and for me, an unexpected one. Thank God that we were so well-received and that we were able to penetrate this Mormon-believing school with the truth of Christ’s Word.

The Marble-Painted, Soft-Wood Pillars.

The postlude to this high school experience was even cooler, for lack of better words.  Man Choir took a tour of the Mormon Temple Square.  THE Mormon Temple Square in the “Promised Land,” aka Utah…=]. Yyyeah. Well, we split into two groups and received a formal tour of the Square grounds.  We got to see the first tabernacle built by the first Mormon pioneers to America.  The entire building was constructed out of a type of soft-wood (the name of the wood escapes me), including the pews and the pillars; however, because the pioneers didn’t like the way the soft-wood looked, they painted the pews to look like hard-wood and the pillars to look like marble. The pillar pictured below is soft-wood, not marble. Weird? Yes. Their completely legitimate justification: They want the temple to look its best for the Lord. Well, I guess, amen to that. We toured a couple more insignificant buildings in the Square, then later ended up with the other group in the Mormon Tabernacle. The way in which the building was designed is unique.  Picture a football field. That’s how long the temple was. A huge organ at the front of the room took up 10% of the building.  Also, the ceilings were designed in such a way to allow the choir and any speaker to speak or sing without the use of any microphones. Perfect audible sound in the entire building.

The Organ… yep.

When we entered the Temple Sqare, Harold, being the complete smooth talker that he is, talked the elders into letting us sing ONE song in the Tabernacle. Of course we pushed the envelope and sang two. A little background before I go on. First of all, there are unspoken ranks in the Mormon church. The 2nd Organist of the church is higher “ranked” than the elders.  We were singing on the Organist’s practice time; rather, he was allowing us to sing on his practice time.  I believe are second song was Pentatonic Alleluia/Holy, Holy, Holy, and one of the elders realized that it didn’t jive with LDS doctrine. He came up to Harold and said quietly, “Thank you, that’s enough,” and we then sat down. The organist PLAYED the song we JUST SANG (‘Of the Father’s Love Begotten) on the organ! HOW COOL! We gave him a standing “O” and asked him to play another… he agreed to only if we would sing more for him =D!! We agreed. =] WE SANG 5 MORE SONGS!!! Elder’s power usurped by the Organist. That’s God’s legit supremacy for ya. Here’s a few vids of us in the Tabernacle (Listen to both of these all the way through! You’ll miss the cool parts in both. AND listen at the very end of each… there’s about a 3 second delay. That venue was legit):

Now for some Mormon History. =] I’m just going to post this as a summary. I might be wrong on some parts, but you’ll get the general idea. If any Mormons read this, please feel free to correct me.

General Warning: I in no way support or condone or believe any of this history to be true.

Mormon Origins:

  • 13th tribe of Israel – Tribe of Mannaseh
    • Lehi was the prophet of this tribe
  • Israel becomes upset with Lehi’s teaching; Lehi has four sons – older sons included Laman and Lemuel and younger sons included Sam and Nephi
    • Lehi prophesied destruction and captivity of Jerusalem by Babylon
    • Israel didn’t like it -> God told Lehi and family to go to wilderness
  • Eventually, an angel revealed to the 4 brothers that Nephi would be chosen by God to lead family after Lehi’s death
    • brothers didn’t like this, especially Laman
  • After his father’s death, Nephi built a boat and took the whole Lehi family to the Americas, where they established a homeland
  • Lamanites escalate to violence causing Nephi to move his family elsewhere in the Americas
    • family of Lehi was then segregated
      • Nephites
      • Lamanites
  • Nephites eventually became wicked and rebelled
    • civilization dwindled
    • the moment Jesus was crucified, many natural disasters occurred around the world. One bein ghte “dust”-ification of all the Mormon monuments and cities… =|
    • when there were only 2,500 Nephites left, Jesus appeared to them (supposedly one of his appearances after he was risen)

      Jesus appears in the Americas

      Jesus appears in the Americas

  • Jesus then proceeded to spend many days with them
    • organizing the church
    • teaching them the gospel
    • blessing them
  • The last two Nephite were a man named Mormon and his son, Moroni
    • before dying, Mormon documented the history of the pioneers on golden plates
    • Moroni finished the last bit of history after the death of Mormon

This time was known as the “great apostasy” in which no new revelations from God’s prophets were heard, simply b/c there were no prophets (they had all been killed by the Nephites).

  • skipping ahead to 1819, Joseph Smith arrives at the scene
    • 14 years old, mind you
    • couldn’t figure out which church to attend… =\
    • stumbled across the book of James – “if any lacks wisdom…”
  • Smith goes out into the woods to pray
    • encounters 2 figures of light
      • The Father and Jesus Christ  – “the churches he seeks attendance at are false”
  • Smith later encounters the angel Moroni (yes, Moroni became an angel somehow) who give Smith revelations
    • shows Smith where the golden tablets are, which he then proceeds to interpret (by means of divine “inspiration”)
  • After he translated the plates, they go missing

TA DA! The End! Since then, the president’s (likened to the Pope of the Catholic Church) of the Mormon churches have taken liberties to divinely change “rules” of the Mormon church. The most recent rule change: Mormons may now drink caffeine, as long as it is cold. Psht!

Pray for these people. They need to be healed of their blindness to the true trinity known as God. The Alpha and Omega! The only God of everything. The Great and Mighty. Most of all, love them. That’s where true understanding and reconciliation take place, and with this comes the openness to hear the Word of truth! Thanks for reading. Comments?



my friends are believers!

I just received word that a bunch of friends that I met in Papua New Guinea have become believers! That is so exciting. Rich and Dawn Foster are missionaries to the Bena Bena Tribe right outside of Goroka. The tribe surrounds a fenced off ‘campus,’ of sorts, dedicated to mobilizing missionaries (basically a tool for recruitment). I wrote about it earlier in my blog, but I just want to reiterate how life changing this program was for me. Completely altered my course of direction and COMPLETELY transformed my worldview. In case you’re wondering, that’s why I’m almost anti-social justice, and pro-gospel preaching, Christ-transforming social justice. Each is called to what the Lord has for his or her life.

But ANYWAYS, please check out this video (watch with HQ) and this website if you’d like more information about this awesome, 5 week, college-level, hands-on, missions course in the heart of a tribe.

Anyways, here’s the letter I recieved via email from the Fosters.  Kokore and I are pictured below.

Begin Letter:

Dear Praying Friends and Family,

Once again, much time has passed since we last wrote.  Thankfully, however, this time we do not have any tribal fighting to report.  The children are currently enjoying their “summer” break and the count-down has begun — yesterday Hannah counted 50 more days until school resumes.  She was sad to think of all the time left before she begins 7th grade, but when Jordan heard that 50 days were left, he broke into a huge grin and was very excited for the many days left of summer break.  We are looking forward to some good learning and growing times together this summer with garden work, house work, daily chores, time in the Word, and lots of fun times together.  Hannah, as I said before, will be moving into 7th grade, Hadassah into 6th grade, Jordan into 4th grade, and Havannah into 2nd grade.  Where has the time gone?

This past week, Rich and a couple of national believers were involved in checking chapters 12-28 of Acts with a translation consultant.  The check went very well, and this week, they will be checking Romans 1.  Rich was wanting to have chapters 1-2 of Romans ready to check, but things have not progressed as he hoped.  There is the possibility of someone being available to do some more translation checking in the Fall of this year, so hopefully more of Romans can be ready for checking then.

We are nearing the end of Acts in our teaching to the Bena believers and they continue to grow in their understanding of who God is and in their daily walks with Him.  Each of them face many temptations — especially during the coffee picking/selling season (which we are in the middle of), and we are looking forward to moving into Romans with the teaching to get them further grounded in the doctrines of their new faith.

We are excited to think of our first baptism coming up in another couple of weeks.  Heti, Kokore, Efeke, and Buka have all expressed interest in being baptized and there may be more…  including some of our children.  We have purposefully gone slow in having a baptism because of all the misunderstandings and wrong teachings regarding baptism that permeate our area.  Many people believe that baptism = salvation;  even more believe that baptism places you into church membership;  almost everyone believes that you have to live a clean life before being baptized.  It is with a whole new understanding that the Bena believers realize that baptism is a picture of our new life in Christ and is a testimony to those around us that we now have life in Him and that the only stipulation for baptism is belief in the finished work of Christ.

Individual updates:
Heti and Janet continue to faithfully attend the teaching and Heti is also one of Rich’s main and most faithful translation helper.  Several times over the past months Heti will break down in tears over something that God is teaching him or over a fresh realization of what God has done for him.  It is amazing to see his heart become so soft as he was a very hardened man before salvation.  Janet has nearly completed the literacy course and is excited to be able to read God’s Word on her own.  We just had some books of the Bible in Bena (Genesis, Exodus, Jonah, Mark) printed in nice, spiral bound books, and Janet wants to purchase them all with her next paycheck.  I asked her which one she was going to buy, and she looked at me surprised and said, “I’m going to buy them all — they each have a different talk in them!”  Please continue to pray for growth in their husband/wife relationship. Although their relationship is slowly improving, there is still much room for growth.

Efeke has also nearly completed the literacy course and is thrilled with her ability to read.  She has had some hard times over the past months with her husband, Fred, not wanting her to have anything to do with our teaching.  She went through a period of not coming because he was upset with her, but she has recently returned to hear the teaching over the past month or so.  If you remember, Fred was one who attended most of the teaching from Creation to Christ the second time we taught in our village and seemed to understand what was taught.  When asked recently what his thoughts were on the teaching, his response was that he has not chosen to believe.  Please continue to pray for Fred’s salvation.

Morobe is also a believer, however, he has attended none of the teaching for the past couple of months.  Please pray that he will see his need to hear God’s Word.

Buka and Anita as we mentioned in our last letter had chosen to go back to attending the local “church” that is located next door to their home.  Since that time, Buka has expressed a need to return and also a desire to be a part of the outreach coming up sometime this year.  He has been coming to the teaching and was a part of the translation check this past week.  Anita, however, continues to remain aloof and disinterested in the teaching.  Please pray that God will show her the fallacy of what she is being taught and give her a hunger to hear the truth.  Pray also that she will not be afraid to stand up to opposition.

Kokore and I
Kokore and Mena continue to come to the teaching on a fairly regular basis.  Mena has also nearly completed the literacy course and is excited with her ability to read.  Kokore, though a very quiet man, has a good understanding of spiritual things and also has a desire for his family to understand the truth.  We are unsure of where Mena is in her understanding of baptism, so we would appreciate prayer for discerning her thoughts in this area.
This letter has become quite long, so I will close for now.  We would appreciate your continued prayers for knowing where to head for an outreach later this year.

In His Love and Care,
Dawn for the Fosters


“christian” holy wars and the social gospel

Interesting. I’m reading this book called ‘Foxe’s Book of Martyrs,’ and Mr. Foxe just informed me of the medieval inquisition which included the Papal Inquisitions.

As you can probably guess, the book is about Christian persecutions as they’ve happened throughout history, starting with the early church, much like dc Talk’s ‘Jesus Freaks’ that was published some years ago.

I can’t tell you how interesting and inspiring this book is.  These witnesses bring a whole new meaning to Colossians 1:24. Not recanting their faith even to the point of excruciating pain. Incredible and invigorating. Not only is it inspiring, but the facts are very intriguing as well.  Take the movie ‘Gladiator’ for instance.  The philosopher and Emperor, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (A.D. 162-180) was known as the last of ‘Five Good Emperors‘ of Rome.  You might remember him in the movie as the murdered father. He was responsible for the fourth general persecution against the Christians. Weird, right? He ordered and allowed (despite what wikipedia might tell you) countless horrible and unthinkable tortures.  Dang. He seemed like such a nice guy in the movie.

Now what I’ve just been reading is about the papal persecutions.  The history teachers leave out detailed information about these. ‘Christians’ were the villains; however, Christians were also the direct victims of these persecutions. Wait, what??

So before this era of Papal-ity (1208 A.D.), most of the persecutions against the believing church came from the pagan world. The church in Rome began to set aside scriptural doctrines such as holiness, piety, humility, charity, and compassion, and instead took up the sword along with pagan superstitions and practices. All of this in order to benefit the clergy of the Roman church.  ANY who disagreed with this doctrine (true Christians being the “any”) were labeled as heretics to the faith, and if refusing to recant “heresy,” were executed.

So now the world tells us that Christians were going around slaughtering heretics. False. Heretics were going around slaughtering Christians labeled as heretics. After all, 2 Timothy says, “all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.”  Now we get into persecution and suffering.

Oh the agendas of the social gospel.  To be quite honest, Azusa Pacific University upsets me when it comes to this issue.  This idea of “preach the gospel always, and when necessary, use words.”


And unfortunately, I hear too much of this at Azusa. God is behind it, maybe. I’m sure it pleases our Savior that the needy are being cared for; however, I’m convinced he’s more concerned about their eternal futures. I feel like many students at Azusa (or the mainstream students anyways) are taking the easy road, copping out and buying shoes for kids, rescuing little children from enslavement, sending monetary savings to feed some others. THIS IS NOT THE GOSPEL! Let me quote a friend of mine:

What is happening today in our Christian culture is the thought that the application of the gospel is to simply come to the monetary assistance of those in need.  This is an aspect, but it is not even the central aspect, but a corollary of the gospel.  I fear that there is a growing belief that the preaching of the gospel to those who are sufferers of social injustice is secondary to the remedying of these people’s situation.  Or, to look at it another way, that the remedying of social injustice is the preaching of the gospel to those who are its sufferers.

Oh friends!  Do not be deceived! Let us not usher in temporal comfort but everlasting. Or at least couple social justice with Christ’s message of redemption.  One without the other is meaningless. More so social justice without the gospel (not all third-world countries are needy fyi). And do not be deceived into the thinking that “loving” can indefinitely take the place of “witnessing.” If you are afraid to share the gospel because it will offend… that’s the whole point. The truth is offensive. It’s edgy, difficult to cope with. God’s gospel was seen as heretical. Christ was seen as a blasphemer. “PREACH THE WORD!” (2 Timothy 4:2). It’s a command straight from the mouth of Jesus Christ who died for everone’s sins and beat the heck out of death.

And in terms of staying safe and protected from disease and sickness and third-world maladies:

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall TRIBULATION, or DISTRESS, or PERSECUTION, or FAMINE, or NAKEDNESS, or DANGER, or SWORD? As it is written, “For your sake we are being killed all day long; we are regarded as sheep to be slaughtered.” No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death NOR life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. -Romans 8:35-39

Have I made my point clear? If you disagree or anything, I’d be happy to politely discuss it with you anytime. I have skype (milesgrimes), twitter (milesvincent), and aim (mgrimes08@mac.com), and my email is mgrimes08@apu.edu.

Let me leave you with one of my favorite quotes.

The world can do almost anything as well as or better than the church. You need not be a Christian to build houses, feed the hungry, or heal the sick. There is only one thing the world cannot do. It cannot offer grace.
-Gordon Macdonald

EDIT (6/13/09): In regards to the last statement/quote: The world can offer the avenue to grace. The means by which the grace is offered. Grace, the seed planted by the church waiting to be broken and made fruitful by the Holy Spirit.  The church: the workers who must usher in the harvest. Thank you Mr. Mark Montgomery =]

funny and narcissistic

yep, pretty much nailed it...

home before tour

So I just got home (by “just” i mean, 5:30pm, Friday May 8th).  I think I have been letting out big sighs of relief all day.  I moved out of my dorm room and back to my house.  Paige drove up in her monster-of-a-truck vehicle to help.  We took our time, starting at 10:30am-ish and leaving the school at 3:30pm-ish.  Long day of packing in the 83 degree weather, but a good day nonetheless.  I had an ortho appt. immediately after arriving back in Escondido, which was followed by unpacking a little of Paige’s truck and some jumping on the trampoline.  Then we headed over to my mom’s musical production of Jungle Book Junior, which consisted of a bunch of cute kids (3rd-5th graders) dancing on stage. Very fun.

AND I got to see my missionary Aunt Janie! She came home on account of a death in the family, but it is extremely good to see her again.  She’s staying in my room currently and I’m here in the guest room, reflecting.

I thought I’d post a blog about some of the more important things I learned about life, myself, and academics this year as a freshmen.  The Lord completely delivered me through this year, amidst all the late-night studying, classes, work, and stress I experienced this year.  It was such a great year on so many levels and I’m thankful that I was able to attend such an upstanding school such as Azusa Pacific University.  Here are my thoughts:

  1. Being an intentional friend – that is, going out of your way to make time for your friendships – can be a difficult thing.  Maybe I’m just really bad at it, but I don’t think I’m alone. (working on it!)
  2. Time management is one of the most difficult things in the whole-wide-world to learn. Every person is different, so you can’t just read a book on how to be more productive with your time… you just have to know yourself and hopefully it comes with age. 
  3. I’m a selfish human being in need of grace. And am quite thankful that I have a never-ending source of it. 
  4. The ways in which God challenges you will strengthen areas in your life that will one day become a part of who you are and why you exist (purpose). 
  5. Art is truth displayed in creative ways.  If the art piece (play, painting, abstract, song, sculpture, improv) reveals truth, it is art and is worth your time.  The minute art becomes sin, it is no longer art.  
  6. Bono is a Christian.
  7. The Bible is the most amazing literary-meretited book every penned.  Ever.  I think it would be difficult for people to reject the gospel if they had any idea how perfect all the puzzle pieces fit together.  No human could have schemed such grandiose literature.  It would blow peoples minds if they only knew how insane the Word of God actually is.  More parallelism, anaphora, alliteration, analogy, foreshadowing, etc. then any book ever written.  Yes, even Great Expectations.
  8. Your health SHOULD take precedence over your academics.  If you aren’t getting enough sleep, and you lose points on an essay because you decided to sleep and catch up, the exchange is a worthy and acceptable one.  The only way we perform (write, think, interact, study, listen, etc.) to the best of our ability and to the glory of God is if we are healthy.  Our bodies are temples.  We are the stewards of the temple.  We must take care of it. 
  9. “His Years” just might save my financial future.  Lord, please!
  10. The people you meet now are brought into your life for a reason.  Don’t waste the time you have with them.

I’d say that’s a pretty comprehensive list, right?  And frankly, I can’t think of anything else right now.  Also, this list is not limited to 10 items.  There was so much I learned this year, I just don’t have space or time to right these things down.

May the Lord bless and keep you.  May he be your portion.  The Lord, he is God.

my unofficial mission statement: mission integration initiative

In Christianity and the Creative Process, we had to draft our mission statement as it would pertain to an organization that we might want to start in the future. I really desire to work with New Tribes Mission, but decided to come up with an example of an organization I might start if I had the opportunity. This is it!

Mission Statement of the  “Mission Integration Initiative”A pilot designed to fulfill what is lacking in American churches today; mainly, a firm and substantial relationship between God’s church (as it stands in America) and His Great Commission both at home and abroad, which involves the globalization and preaching of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection    in a creative way (a holistic foundational teaching) in the cultural and linguistic context in which it is taught. This is our mission:
1. To Plant and/or Partner with Churches at Home and Abroad

a.  ABROAD:  It is our mission to present the gospel where Christ is not named in the hopes that the Spirit of God might work in the hearts of the unsaved, that they would come to know him as their personal Lord and savior, both on an individual level and in a broad corporate fellowship of believers. Lord willing, the fruit of this labor would be a newly established New Testament church that is ready and equipped to fulfill their calling at home or abroad as the Lord ordains it.  The goal in this initiative is to establish a church that does not rely on financial backing, but rather is self-sufficient within its own cultural context.  Coupled with this effort, we seek to follow the model set forth by Paul, in establishing mature churches that can then act as agents of change within their own community or in neighboring communities.
b.  HOME:  It is our mission to partner with churches and work with, aid in, or start a missions department within the church.  We firmly believe that after the revelation of the mystery of Christ, God’s focus of the proclamation of himself dramatically shifted from his chosen people, the Israelites, to the gentiles.  For this reason, the purpose of the church must be focused on reaching out both to the community and (primarily) to the nations.  By the grace of God, we will galvanize a zeal for missions in the emerging church age. This is our hope.
2. To Present a Foundational Approach to the Bible

a.  GOAL: Within a community of individuals who have no concept of God, creation, redemption, or resurrection, as these pertain to Christ, evangelization must start from the ground up; it must start where God started: in the beginning.   By approaching it from this angle, we hope to facilitate an environment in which a complete understanding of the purpose of the Old Testament is clear and that there is a proper connection/parallel made between the God of the OT and the Christ of the New.   We will also preach the Word chronologically with Christ’s resurrection the center, height, and climax of early church history.
b.  METHOD:  In order to accomplish the success of this holistic approach, we will labor in our culture and language acquisition so that the gospel message, at its core, becomes a personal one.  With a proper understanding of the arts, rituals, and/or traditions said culture possesses, the more effectively and efficiently we will be enabled to present the gospel.  Without a complete understanding of culture, a misunderstanding or miscommunication has a high probability of occurring. For this reason we emphasize the importance of this facet as it works in conjunction with a foundational teaching.
3. To Engender Excitement and Urgency
Because we seek to a mend a problem that the church has only since encountered within the last 50 years, specifically a move away from global church-planting missions, we hope that God uses us to evoke and ignite a renewed passion for the spreading of his supreme and sovereign glory to all the nations within the body of Christ both here in the churches of America and abroad in the churches established elsewhere in the world.   In order to prompt this passion, we seek to aim for an awareness of the thousands of unreached people groups in the world through creative media, statistics, and first account testimony from missionaries.   Coupled with this, we will present the overwhelming call that God has placed on all believers through his scriptures.
4. To Equip and Send
Our prime objective is “to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples”  and for them to adopt this same objective.  That means we must disciple and apprentice those who have been called into this ministry by passing on our methods of cultural and language acquisition and foundational Bible teaching in order that they are equipped and prepared for service so that they may be sent.  In this fashion, Christ’s name will be known to all peoples.

it’s late, i’m a little fatigued, and here’s a poem that means absolutely nothing.

So in christianity and the creative process, we had to write 50 pages in our journal for the end of the semester. near the end, i was running out of ideas on what to write about, and this one night in particular, i decided to write whatever popped into my mind and make a poem out of it. i just wrote it down on a sheet of paper, so i’m going to copy it here as if it were written like a poem. i didn’t let my pencil leave the paper…aaand here it is:

Walking through a shadowed roof,
I trudged along the banks of gold.
Climbed up all the hill and dale
And took the things I sold.
I sat and pondered life and death,
And all that lies between.
That span of life, lies in a line,
Such a wonderful short dream.

Like daffodils and sunflower seeds,
I drink the night wind in.
I gasp and gaze at camera views
And chuckle at the pin.
Like fireflies go turning about,
So too the badger swings.
Up through the sky a mile high,
It laps it’s tired wings.

In candy canes and candy corn,
The corny jokes dissolve.
In pretty jewels and karat rings,
I seem quite unresolved.
The wasted time, the wasted time,
No redemption to be found.
Each ounce of moment in here and now
Sums up quite a pound.

Children laughing, mothers smiling,
Trees tossing back and forth,
I’m tired, I’m weak in need of much sleep,
I’ll hibernate, travel north.

My head is full of thoughts that tick,
And some spots just lie dead.
It’s in those spots and lazy thoughts,
My conscience turns blush red.
I’m writing nonsense, writing brilliance
With one thing in my head:
Just keep on writing, keep on fighting,
Or else you’ll end up where you didn’t think you would if you hadn’t. =|

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